Water Station  $110


2x10L dispenser filled with ice-cold water

100 plastic cups and holder

Drink Sign

Refreshment Station $220

3x 10L drink dispensers displayed on our 1.5m white wood trestle table, With

2 dispensers filled with your choice of fresh fruit juice and the other filled with ice-cold water,

100 plastic cups 

Drinks Sign

Drink Station 1.jpeg

Bubbly Station $200

1x 1.5m white wood trestle table

1x10L dispenser filled with ice-cold water

1x silver bucket filled with ice for your favourite bubbly. 

4x silver metal tubs to hold your beers on ice

100 plastic champagne glasses 

50 plastic water glasses and holder

Bubble sign

(alcohol and ice not included)

   Dressed to impress and stay cool!  Serve your Celebratory drinks in style.