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Water Station $110


  • 1 Table

  • 2x10L dispenser filled with ice-cold water

  • 100 plastic cups and holder

  • Drink Sign


Bubbly Station   $250


  • 1x 1.5m white wood trestle table

  • 1x10L dispenser filled with ice-cold water

  • 1x silver bucket filled with ice for your favourite bubbly. 

  • 3x silver metal tubs to hold your beers on ice

  • 100 plastic champagne glasses 

  • 50 plastic water glasses and holder

  • (alcohol and ice not included)



Refreshment table $220


  • 3x 10L drink dispensers displayed on our 1.5m white wood trestle table, With

  • 2 dispensers filled with your choice of fresh fruit juice and the other filled with ice-cold water,

  • 100 plastic cups 

 Add a touch of class. Ditch the esky!

Serve your drinks in style!          

Why not add 

Lawn Games or a Lolly Buffet

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